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Dr. Mark Maybury, OD
Dr M Headshot

Doctor Maybury is the owner and only doctor at Eclipse Vision Source. He completed his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University, and his doctorate degree at Southern California’s School of Optometry. He decided to move to Colorado after graduate school with his wife, Vickie, and they have been here ever since. Doctor Maybury has over 30 years of experience and the most common comment he receives from his patients is how thorough he is in his explanation of eye health.


Doctor Maybury’s experience with eyes has been interesting. His father was an Army pilot with perfect vision and his mother’s vision was better than his. He never expected his eyes to be anything but perfect.

Here is his story:

“I remember sitting in the back row in fourth grade not being able to see the teacher’s writing on the board. I assumed that no one else in the back row could see the board either since there was nothing wrong with my vision. My mother insists I had my eyes checked every year. I remember getting them “checked” in grade school. I couldn’t see the letters very well. They then had me wear glasses that made things worse. That was the end of the test. No notice was ever sent home.

When I had a complete physical prior to moving to Belfast in 1964, the doctor determined I needed glasses. I was happy to see leaves on trees, but I knew something wasn’t right. I then started on a journey of my eyes getting worse frequently. They all but stopped changing once I got bifocals at age 14, but by then they were already about -5.00 or greater.

I wanted to be a pilot, but my vision kept me from doing that. I was always good at sports, but making a living doing that is almost impossible. Being good at math and science, I ended up in healthcare. Eyes and vision seemed like a natural fit for me. Dentistry grossed me out and I didn’t like the model of medical doctors; it seemed like they were expected to know everything about everything off the top of their head, and I knew that was impossible. I needed a little more certainty in my chosen profession than that.

Through all of this I realized that people had a purpose and a destiny. I also realized that people were going to move in that direction no matter what stood in their way if they were true to themselves. I had experience moving forward in spite of obstacles in my way. Perhaps if you were seeing your best, reaching your potential could be far less challenging and something to look forward to. Reaching for your best self didn’t have to be a grind. Perhaps I could contribute by making it easier for people to reach their potential. Wow! What a gift! It may not change the world, but it can make a very positive impact on the community in which I live. I’m OK with that; helping my little corner of the world as best I can”.